Back in June, First 4 Figures announced that their next figurine would feature Link and The King of Red Lions from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. At the time, they only gave us a sneak peek at the figure, but now they've unveiled the statue in its entirety. Standing at 25 inches from tip of the mast to bottom of the base, there are actually two versions of this figure: the regular version, which costs $449.99, and an Exclusive Version with LED lights that pulse to make the water appear as though it's flowing, priced at $479.99. It's expensive, for sure, but definitely a cool addition to any Zelda fan's collection. Preorders are open for both versions now, so make sure to grab one if you're interested!

First 4 Figures also released a lengthy Making Of video, which you can see above, and there are plenty of screenshots of the figurine in the gallery below. Would you consider getting this figurine?

Source: First 4 Figures (1, 2)

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