Gearbox Software and its CEO, Randy Pitchford, are currently tangled up in an ugly legal battle with the company's former lawyer, Wade Callender. As we've previously reported, both sides are accusing the other of various financial crimes, and Callender also alleges sexual misconduct on Pitchford's part. Former Gearbox Vice President David Eddings vaguely tweeted out "Yes, it's true" when the news first broke, and he's since clarified his statement.

The latest from David Eddings, who worked for Pitchford for over a decade, is a series of accusations, two of which are followed by green check marks. Eddings appears to confirm that he sees Pitchford as a "Liar" and "Con-man." The third accusation, "Perv," is followed with "No idea." Eddings quietly left Gearbox in March of 2017 and joined Rooster Teeth as the head of their games department shortly after.

Although he didn't get into the specifics of Pitchford's potential financial misdeeds, it's clear he believes at least some of the allegations. He chooses not to name Pitchford in his tweets (most likely for legal protection), but given the timing of his comments, it's pretty clear who they are pointed at.

Source: David Eddings

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