The classic game over has long been a staple of the Super Mario series, even if in recent adventures, players had had no need for all the extra 1-Up mushrooms they came across in their journey. Super Mario Odyssey will be mixing things up so completely, however, that Mario's next big 3D journey will have no need for the green lifesavers or game over screens at all.

We first learned from the Nintendo Treehouse at E3 that Mario will lose ten coins each time he dies in Odyssey instead of losing an extra life, and now we know for certain that this is a replacement for losing lives and getting game overs. A newly-imposed punishment for the hero, this means that Mario will have less gold to buy the caps, outfits, and souvenirs players might want in the game's stores if he keeps dying.

Judging from the above tweet from Nintendo of Japan's official Odyssey profile, players will no longer have to sit through a discouraging (and ultimately pretty unnecessary) game over screen. They will instead be able to get right back into the action at their most recent checkpoint in a level.

This might sound like another hand-holding effort from Nintendo in another of their blockbuster games, but with the extra punishment that comes with dying in this game, it seems to balance keeping less savvy gamers from losing interest and veterans wanting a challenge (or frankly, a reason to not want to die) in this new Mario game.

What do you think of this decision? Will you miss a traditional game over screen? Or do you think those are outdated for the Mario franchise? Let us know what you think in the comments below!