Nintendo's Wii was an incredible phenomenon that changed what it meant to be a gamer and attracted tens of millions of new customers to the video game market. Wii U has been completely unable to repeat that success this generation (selling just 13 million units to Wii's 100 million), but Nintendo is looking to turn things around with their next console. Speaking with investors during an earnings briefing, GameStop CEO Paul Raines offered a rather optimistic output for Nintendo Switch, stating that it could very well could be a game-changer once again.

"The Nintendo Switch, which I played at Nintendo a few weeks ago--we believe could be another game-changer that will expand the audience for gaming." — Paul Raines

Ubisoft has offered similar praise in the past, suggesting that Nintendo Switch will attract lapsed Wii owners and put Nintendo back in the race. Hopefully it lives up to the hype!

Source: GameSpot

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