Both Sony and Microsoft have had a very strong start to the young generation, with PlayStation 4 smashing sales records and quickly eclipsing 25 million global sales, and Xbox One outpacing its predecessor. By the NPD Group's count, combined sales of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are 50% higher than their predecessors in the US. This boost in early momentum has been especially beneficial for GameStop. During a recent conference call, COO Tony Bartel reported that PlayStation 4 sales are triple those of PlayStation 3 after 22 months, and Xbox One sales are nearly double those of Xbox 360.

"United States new hardware dollar sales grew 13.6% during the quarter versus a decline in the overall market, resulting in four points of hardware market share gain during the quarter. The console launch remained strong in its twenty-second month, as we have tripled the number of PS4 units that were sold versus the PS3 launch and have nearly doubled the Xbox One units versus the 360 launch." — Tony Bartel

We don't know know exactly how much stronger early life sales of the new gen consoles are compared to their predecessors (Microsoft isn't as generous about sharing their global sales stats as Sony is), but both consoles are performing extremely well, especially in the United States, which bodes well for GameStop. Can they keep up their incredible momentum?

Source: NeoGAF (via DualShockers)