Hey folks, so while the sites have both been live now for roughly 48 hours it doesn't mean we were done adding new features to the site. In fact, we won't be done adding new features probably ever, because as soon as we wrap up all of our base functionality we will be moving onto the user account system and all the goodies associated with that. Still, we've had some notable upgrades, tweaks, and fixes that need to be pointed out. For starters, our RSS feeds for Gamnesia and Zelda Informer are back in commission. If you have been subscribing to our feeds Feedburner you may want to temporarily update your bookmarks as FeedBurner has been having issues calling new posts at the sites, despite the RSS itself working. (Though we are trying to figure out from them what's going on, as we do quite like Feedburner.)

One thing you likely already noticed if you checked out either site's index is the inclusion of an all new featured content area. We feel this featured area is not only cleaner, but it's also much easier to navigate and understand what's going on for the users. Feedback is always appreciated of course, but we feel we hit it out of the park compared to our old system. Of course, we also have a major shift with our image galleries in screenshot posts, which you will see going forward. Our previous setup was clunky and restricting, so we completely dumped it and rebuilt it from the ground up. We still have some styling to finish but by the time you see a new screenshot post the new system will be up and rocking.

One other major bug fix we took care of was the site search feature. Unfortunately it wasn't working but we found the issue and ironed it out completely. Remember, at the bottom of each site we now have an advanced search option if you want even more control over your results. There are still a few kinks we are working out here and there, but that concludes the big stuff most of you will take notice of.

Of course we love feedback and as such we would like to know what you guys think of how we're doing so far. Do you like Gamnesia? Are you excited about what's in store?

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