Lindsay Lohan is an actress best known for her work in The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls. More recently she has been in the eyes of the media for more scandalous endeavors, ranging from DUI charges to failing probation-mandated drug tests. All has been quiet though in recent days... Well, until this. Lohan is suing Rockstar, the developer and publisher of Grand Theft Auto V, for supposedly using her likeness in the game.

Lohan's lawyers are apparently forming a case to demand money for the usage of her face. The clear evidence of this heinous crime includes: the blonde on the cover, a blonde in a hotel, and even a blonde hiding from paparazzi! This all comes after Daz Dillinger claimed that Rockstar stole his music for the same game.

So how will Rockstar respond to 'Grand Theft Lohan'? Only time will tell.

Source: TMZ