This is seemingly the one debate that never goes away even after consoles are released. It's still hotly debated who truly won the seventh console generation. The Wii had arguably the highest number of raw sales data and 20+ million game sellers world over, but the 360 had possibly the largest install base of "hardcore gamers", while the PlayStation 3 had arguably the best exclusive content. It's a debate for the ages that truly is something fanboys like to talk to about because they want to see their preferred medium end triumphant over the rest. Competition is good and healthy for the industry, and the better these consoles are the better it gets for gamers... that is, if gamers have the money to invest in all of these properties.

I, for one, am really looking forward too what Sony has cooking. While I have never been an avid PlayStation person, I can't deny that their games intrigue me. If they ever get the sequel to Shadow of the Collosus out the door, you can consider me a PlayStation 4 owner in its wake.

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