A game whose director believes it may have "the biggest and most-intricate world ever built for a puzzle game," The Witness is certainly one of the most interesting games releasing in the near future. Its "stylized realism" art style is absolutely gorgeous, it comes from the studio—Thekla Inc.— founded by Braid creator Jonathan Blow, it houses hundreds of puzzles in its compact open-world which are designed around a "kind of puzzle language," and it boasts that, within all 25-40 hours of its content, "there's never anything arbitrary."

Alongside a blog post about attending a Sony press event in New York and getting to see screenshots of The Witness plastered on the almost-full length of the side of a 17-story hotel, Thekla's Orsi Spanyol has just published several ridiculously high-resolution screenshots. This isn't just 1920x1080; we're talking 4000x6000 for all but one. Maybe they're the actual submissions for the hotel's wall?

These are the very-much down-sized versions of the screenshots. Click on any of them to see the full resolution versions, perfect if you're looking to " print your own posters or crop them down and make some wallpapers."

Without further ado, here they are:

I mentioned earlier that some of these were actually shown on the side of a 17-story hotel. Three were chosen, but for the sake of not increasing the clutter factor already present here, I won't embed them. You'll have to click the following links to see their hotel-side glory: The Autumn Forest, The Orchard, The Windmill.

Of the eight screenshots, I'm going to have to say I'm partial to the mountain tree and the windmill. Which are your favorites?

Source: The Witness Development Blog