A while back, GameStop announced that they would soon start to accept the trade-ins of retro video game software and hardware. Jon Haes, who is running the program at GameStop, has now decided to reveal more details about the new program.

Haes has stated that the store will accept Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, PlayStation, and Dreamcast consoles and first party hardware. They will not be accepting third party hardware. A visual inspection and a power-up test will be done in store, after which the store will send the product away for testing and repairs.

The testers will ensure that games and hardware are functioning properly, and they’ll even replace the battery inside of a game cartridge if necessary. If something is beyond repair, it will be disposed of. Haes also said that each item will be offered for the same price nationwide, whether it’s just a cartridge or if there’s a box and instruction manual included as well. Later into the program, if the company is receiving a large number of boxes and manuals, the product may get two different prices based on whether it’s included with the game or not.

He also went on to say that GameStop employees are all being trained to spot fake products, even giving them pictures as references to let them know what to look for. GameStop’s seven day return policy on used products applies to the retro gaming program as well.

250 test stores across the nation will start participating in the program this weekend, with products starting to appear online within the next eight weeks. Are you excited about the new trade-in program? Which games will you be on the lookout for?

Source: Wired

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