Train your finest monsters and get ready to battle Alola's best! The Alola Friendly Competition (which we first learned about last week) is coming to Pokémon Sun and Moon later this month. You'll be able to register for the tournament from January 19th through January 26th, and the battles themselves take place on January 27th through January 29th.

The Alola Friendly Competition uses a Single Battle format, and only Pokémon from the Alolan Pokédex are permitted. All Mythical and Legendary Pokémon are banned, as are Mega Stones. Items are allowed, but Trainers may not have duplicate items in their Battle Team. Trainers can register up to six Pokémon for the competition, and three will be used for each match. All Pokémon entered into the tournament will automatically be changed to level 50 with their stats adjusted accordingly.

Qualified participants in the Alola Friendly Competition will receive 50 Battle Points. To qualify, players must earn a place in the rankings by completing at least three battles. 50,000 competitors will be allowed to enter the competition, and the full results will be revealed at some time in February.

If you want to practice ahead of time, you can go to Festival Plaza in Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon, select "Battle," and then tap "Download Rules." You can then select the Alola Friendly regulations to be the rules when you battle with your friends in Festival Plaza or via Quick Link.

It all kicks off in just over three weeks, so get training! You can check out the full list of competition rules and requirements by checking out the official website.

Source: Pokémon Global Link

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