Anthem is the first new IP in almost a decade from EA's studio BioWare, the same minds behind the Mass Effect franchise. We saw the official teaser trailer during Electronic Arts' press conference yesterday, and today we have the world exclusive gameplay trailer from Microsoft's E3 conference. Giving us our first look at the shared-world action-RPG's "landscape of primeval beauty," the footage follows two players heading out into the dangerous wilderness to execute a rescue mission.

Opening with the Game Director for Anthem introducing himself, the trailer pans across a great bazaar with futuristic-looking machinery plodding in the background. He explained:

"In the world of Anthem, you and your friends are Freelancers. The heroes who leave the safety of the walls of Fort Tarsus to explore the unknown and protect humanity.

"Every player will own an array of exosuits we call Javelins. These suits give players superhuman capabilities and are heavily customizable so they look and play how you want.

"The Ranger is balanced and all-purpose while the Colossus is a tanking power house." — John Warner

Up to four players can join a team, and can be added mid-mission to help along. The world is open and dynamic, with threats coming from native alien monsters, or sentient heavily-armed foes. The Javelin exosuits let the players dash, jump, fly, or swim, so movement is unrestricted. Weapons can be equipped for devastating attacks as well. Not only that, but the end of the video hints that there are numerous unrevealed Javelin classes as well, which we'll hopefully hear more about in the coming months.

Watch the official gameplay trailer above and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Microsoft E3 2017 Press Conference