Humble Bundle launched in 2010, and ever since gamers have become quite fond of the group and the ability it grants to let them both save on awesome games and give money to various charities. After seven years of operation, that fondness is more apparent than ever, as Humble Bundle has now announced that it has raised over $100 million for charity in its lifetime.

Despite the system's pay-what-you-want style of purchasing games, it looks like gamers have been all too happy to provide monetary compensation for the many bundles they've offered over the years. Part of this is, no doubt, due to how Humble Bundle is structured to give you more games if you pay for higher tiers—sometimes saving the real gems of the sale for those upper pay levels—but I'd bet that it often has more to do with the charities being supported with these sales. It's an outstanding example of the good that gamers can do for the world.

"After the first Humble Indie Bundle, we were overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. We remember delivering the first check to charity by hand and it was a larger amount of money than anything we had ever seen before. This milestone is more than 500 times bigger than that and is almost too big for me to really comprehend. We’re forever grateful to the Humble community and this huge positive impact they have made on the world." — John Graham, Humble Bundle Co-Founder and COO

You can see the video Humble Bundle put out announcing this milestone above, which highlights not only the monetary figures but also a number of the charities that all that cash has gone towards over the years. Make sure to give it a watch.

Are you excited to see the Humble Bundle has hit such an amazing milestone? Have you ever taken part in a Humble Bundle sale, and have these sales ever led to you finding a hidden gem you'd have otherwise never played? Let us know in the comments!

Source: PC Gamer

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