The Wii U still has yet to release its own mainline Zelda experience, but it did get a very well-received spinoff in Hyrule Warriors. The Dynasty Warriors-Zelda crossover sold very well on a console that did not, enough so that it got ported to the 3DS and received new rounds of DLC packs. One of these included Marin as a DLC character, despite the Link's Awakening character having not been seen in a game in roughly twenty years, none of which were 3D experiences. In a new interview, Hyrule Warriors producer Yosuke Hayashi took some time to discuss bringing the legendary singer back for the new title, including how they designed her and selected the Sea Lily Bell as her weapon.

According to Hayashi, the main thing the team focused on was Marin's "innocent aura and love for singing," the latter of which especially led to their decision to use one of Link's Awakening's Eight Instruments of the Sirens as her weapon. This focus also caused them to, at times, deviate from her original artwork in order give her a "cuter" appearance.

Q: Please tell about things that had to be changed and things that you paid much attention to when making Marin appear in Hyrule Warriors.

Hayashi: "In reference to the packaging of Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, we made her graphics convey her innocent and bright personality even more in an appealing way. We changed that the ribbon on her waist looks cuter on the backside in the middle of action in Hyrule Warriors Legends."

Hayashi also touched on more gameplay-oriented decisions, such as how they selected her attacks' elements and designed the animations to be "energetic" and "exhilarating" to tie Marin in with the Warriors-like gameplay.

Q: What kind of movements did you consider when making Marin a playable character?

Hayashi: "Dance-like attacking and blowing enemies away by making the wind fish appear, among others. We came to decide on action that is energetic like Marin and feels exhilarating like Warriors games. The elemental attribute was decided to be water because of the image of Koholint Island. The magic spheres that come out of the bell match the form of the instrument and water, so it turned into attacking with sound bursts."

You can check out the rest of the translation over at Nintendo Everything. I know this Zelda fan was just thrilled when Marin was confirmed as the new playable character for the Link's Awakening DLC pack, and when she finally came out it really felt like they had stayed true to her design and character despite her twenty-something year absence from the spotlight. How do you like Marin in Hyrule Warriors? Do you think they captured her well, as I do, or was there something that came off as odd or off-putting to you? What do you think of the design inspirations touched on in this interview? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Dream (via Nintendo Everything)

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