This past weekend, Nintendo Switch owners were able to partake in the Splatoon 2 Splatfest World Premiere. Inklings battled in turf wars in a conflict between two major desserts: cake and ice cream. While which is better is purely subjective, the Splatfest results have confirmed that ice cream is the more popular choice and had a little more talent behind the Inklings' weaponry.

For this event, 76% of players chose Team Ice Cream, and 24% of players chose Team Cake. These numbers were evened out in battle however as Team Ice Cream earned 51% of the wins (solo) with Team Cake right behind with 49%. Cake supporters won team matches with 53%, leaving ice cream in the dust with 47%. Thus, the overall score ended up being two points for ice cream against cake's one point.

Which side did you support for this Splatfest? Did Pearl and Marina have any bearing on which side you selected? Let us know in the comments, and get ready for Splatoon 2 when it releases this Friday!

Source: Nintendo Everything