Nintendo recently held an event in Japan for independent developers to show off some of the games they're bringing to Nintendo Switch. Of the titles shown off, the most prominent was probably Minit. If you haven't heard of this action-adventure game yet, you're missing out! Minit's core gameplay is similar to others in the genre, like Zelda, but with a big twist.

In Minit, players can only survive for 60 seconds at a time. You spawn. You explore as quickly as you can. Then you die a minute later and try again. Players can keep items that they've collected on their previous run, allowing you to progress a little further each time as you become more familiar with the territory and discover what you need to do to succeed.

So far Minit has only officially been confirmed for release on the Switch in Japan, but a Western announcement is sure to be on the way. You can check out the new Switch trailer (in Japanese) or an older English trailer by clicking below.

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