Infinity Ward, the studio behind the famous Call of Duty franchise, teamed up with Neversoft, the studio behind several Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk games, to develop Call of Duty: Ghosts. Just a few months after Ghosts' launch, the two studios are merging together as one single "super-studio."

Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing, said that the two studios have "very complimentary skill sets" in a "very recent" internal memo which was later discovered by Giant Bomb. "Between these two excellent studios, it seemed like a single super-studio could emerge."

The conglomerate studio will still use the Infinity Ward name—likely because of its brand recognition and close link to the Call of Duty series. The Neversoft name will be retired, but Hirshberg declares that "the important things--which are the Neversoft team’s talent, creativity, professionalism and commitment to creative excellence--all remain unchanged as part of this new chapter."

Of course, with any major company change come changes in personnel. Dave Stohl, Executive VP of Worldwide Studios for Activison, will helm the studio moving forward, while Infinity Ward's previous head will still keep a leadership role. Twenty-year Neversoft executives, however, "have made the difficult decision to retire," and will leave the studio later this year.

Source: Giant Bomb

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