There are few games fans are anticipating more than Square Enix RPGs Kingdom Hearts III and the Final Fantasy VII HD remake. However, those fans have a bit of a wait ahead of them. According to financial results and plans revealed by the developer, Square has confirmed they have no plans to release either title in 2017. It could in fact be several years before they finally launch.

During the company's recent financial briefing, one of the slides brought up a list of announced games and their planned release windows; Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake both fall under "[Fiscal Year] 2018/3 and beyond." This means the absolute earliest either could be released is April of 2018, and they'll likely launch much later. Fortunately, it doesn't sound like we'll need an FFXV-esque ten-year wait for these games, as Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda stated, "We plan to launch each of these upcoming titles in the next three years or so."

This backs up what the director of both games, Tetsuya Nomura, said about the titles earlier this year. According to him, "[Both games] still have a way to go," but he was hoping to at least show something off from them in 2017. Perhaps we'll get new trailers for them at E3 next month?

Do you think we will see both of these games released before the end of the decade? Which title will come out first? Let us know your thoughts, and feel free to speculate in the comments below.

Source: Square Enix