It's been a great year for Zelda thanks to the monumental success of Breath of the Wild, and there's more content on the way in the form of a DLC pack next month. As great as Link's latest adventure in Hyrule was, there are still plenty of longtime fans itching for another classic, top-down entry in the franchise. Nintendo hasn't announced anything on this front for Switch, but thankfully Ittle Dew 2 launches today.

The latest addition to Switch's impressive lineup of top-notch indie titles is a top-down island adventure filled with clever puzzles, diverse regions and dungeons, witty banter, and a fantastic soundtrack. Right from the start players are free to explore the entire island, tackling the dungeons in any order they please.

I've already given the Steam version of the game a full review, but there are some extra goodies on Nintendo Switch. One of the big draws is being able to play the game on the go in portable mode, and Ittle Dew 2 looks and plays fantastic as a handheld title. Switch owners are also treated to exclusive content in the form of the Dream World. This new region contains five exclusive dungeons that each present a unique challenge by only allowing you to use certain items. As you progress through these new challenges, you'll collect cards that give you background info on the various characters and NPCs in the game, adding to the lore.

If you love exploring and solving puzzles, you won't want to sleep on this indie gem. It may not be an official Zelda game, but it'll do.

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