Most everyone knows and adores the figurines that Jakks Pacific creates, and in an interview with The Fwoosh, they said there is much anticipation towards diving deep into the Nintendo franchises we all love. Of course figures like Mario, Link, and Samus are what we expect, but there is a desire to create more than just main characters from the biggest franchises – toys for Moblins, Koopas, or Ice Climbers for a start.

The Fwoosh: Since most of our readers are collectors themselves, a lot of people are wondering just how deep you license goes in terms of Nintendo properties – can you give us a rundown of what is covered? Is it just the big names like Mario and Zelda, or do you have the rights for properties such as Metroid, Star Fox and Kid Icarus, or even smaller ones like Ice Climber and games like that?

Jakks Pacific: While we can’t go into all the boring legal details of our contract we do have the rights to many titles both current and classic for a huge character selection and offering of the full Nintendo World not just Mario like done in the past. We can certainly expect to see many characters that were not done before!

TF: Most of the questions that were asked by our readership and forum members were around the characters that you intend to put in each of those lines, do you have plans on going deep into the Mario and Zelda universes in the four and six inch scales? Should we come to expect characters like Princess Peach and Ganon, or can we venture a little further like the Koopa Kids and Moblins? Universe building is something that collectors have been enjoying for a long time, and the [World of Nintendo] certainly offers a lot of opportunity.

JP: We definitely plan to fully dive into each and every franchise that is available to us and fans can certainly expect more than a handful of characters from each of these franchises. With the popularity of some of Nintendo’s latest titles many of the characters that used to be secondary have become more popular so that allows us to bring them to you in this universe in all scales. This is a really great opportunity for us and being that no one has really brought these characters out before we really hope to have a long lasting line to satisfy all fans for many years to come. Great value,quality and variety in the waves is key here for us.

TF: So, if you have the rights to some of the “smaller” game characters, are there any lines or executions you plan on offering that is specifically for collectors?

JP: While we don’t have any specific collector based lines planned yet we do have many surprises within our mainlines that will certainly appeal to them. Although it’s difficult to do a “limited quantity” line since this is for mass, that doesn’t mean that we won’t have some surprises (Comic Con for example).

What I saw in this interview is great! There may be a lot of fans for Nintendo's main franchises, but it's nice to see the more obscure games get a chance to shine as well. Not to mention the lesser characters in each game, which many of us do not see in the form of collector's items. How do you feel about seeing even more Nintendo characters as badass figurines from Jakks Pacific? Shout it out in our comments section!

Source: The Fwoosh

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