The 2016 Rio Olympics ended with the traditional hand-off to the next host country, and gamers got a special treat when Japan decided to use Mario to represent themselves in that process. Nintendo's mascot appeared in a brief clip that led to Prime Minister Shinzō Abe emerging from a warp pipe wearing Mario's signature outfit, but it turns out there was originally going to be one more piece to his costume—Mario's classic mustache.

Ultimately, however, the mustache was removed due to a typhoon that was approaching the Kanto region (the real one, not the Pokémon version) of Japan; Abe chose to remove this aspect of the costume as he did not want to appear to be "in jest" while his countrymen were preparing for a major storm that was expected to cause a great deal of damage. The option to discard the Mario costume in its entirety was also considered, but they decided to go on with it to maintain the uniqueness of Abe's entrance. Meanwhile, another suggestion that they instead get an actor to dress up as Mario also fell through, apparently due to scheduling conflicts.

In the end, I personally didn't think about the missing mustache—I was too thrilled by the Mario-inspired entrance to wonder why Abe lacked that little piece of it. Were you the same, or have you been wondering about this? Do you think Mario should continue to be involved in the lead up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, despite Nintendo not planning to sponsor the event? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Yomiuri Shimbun (via Nintendo Everything)

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