If you grew up in the 1990s during the height of SEGA's popularity, you might remember classic SEGA magazines like SEGA Visions and the Official Dreamcast Magazine. Prior to the internet becoming a household commodity, these gaming magazines were the best sources of info on popular and upcoming games, and they hold a special place in the hearts of many longtime SEGA fans.

With that nostalgia-fueled love in mind, the team at SEGA Nerds has taken to Kickstarter to try to secure funding for Mega Visions, a digital magazine dedicated to delivering top-notch SEGA coverage from past to present designed for all your devices. Each issue will feature an entirely original, hand-drawn cover from video game artist Rob Duenas, along with tons of SEGA news and articles. Some of the content you can expect to in Mega Visions includes:

  • Cover story: Every issue will feature an incredibly well-researched cover story that can range from a particular SEGA game, series or industry icon.
  • Retrospective: Along with our cover story, you'll see a retrospective that delves deep into the history of a particular SEGA game or series.
  • Reviews and Previews: No magazine is complete without reviewing the latest and greatest games, and we plan to review each and every new release from SEGA and Atlus, as well as bringing you early previews of your most anticipated games!
  • Retro Reviews: We love the classics, and we'll feature a special section specifically devoted to reviews of classic SEGA titles from the SG-1000 all the way to the Dreamcast and beyond!
  • The Water Cooler: This section is where we'll deliver all the news, rumors and other interesting tidbits that you might have missed elsewhere.
  • Mega Visions Spotlight: We love featuring all the great talent in the SEGA community, and this feature allows us to showcase a different person each issue. You can expect to see awesome collectors, cosplayers, musicians, artists and more in this section.
  • Mailbag and Art Section: We want to ensure you have a voice in each issue, so we'll devote several pages to answering your questions about just about anything, and we'll also showcase some of the great SEGA art produced by the SEGA community.
  • Face-Off: There are times when the Mega Visions staff doesn't agree, and the Face-Off is where we debate about a particular SEGA, Atlus or general gaming issue.
  • In the Arcades: SEGA's history is rooted deep in the arcades, and we plan to take a trip back in time to showcase our favorite arcade games from the past.

In addition to the SEGA Nerds staff, the Mega Visions team also includes some prominent industry members, like former SEGA of America President Tom Kalinske and current SEGA of America Marketing Director Al Nilsen. The most recent addition to the team is Blake Harris, author of the popular book Console Wars, which explores the fierce rivalry between SEGA and Nintendo in the 1990s. Additionally, Gamnesia's own Marcin Gulik is part of both the SEGA Nerds and Mega Vision staff.

The digital magazine will launch its first issue later this year (with issues releasing bi-monthly) and each issue will be delivered via a custom app on the iOS, Android, and Kindle app stores. Mega Visions will focus on current SEGA and Atlus news, but there will also be a very strong representation of retro SEGA content. The Mega Visions team also promises that the digital magazine will "deliver a true multimedia experience," and it won't simply be a scanned PDF of a physical magazine.

Mega Visions is seeking $13,000 in crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and they've currently raised over $6,300 with 17 days left to go. If you're interested in seeing this retro dream become a reality, head over to the official Mega Visions Kickstarter, check out what they've got to offer, and back it if you like what you see.

Source: Mega Visions

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