World of Final Fantasy features a veritable menagerie of famous Final Fantasy characters ranging from the stoic Lightning of FFXIII fame to the swashbuckling Faris from FFV. However, one popular character seems to be missing from the adorable RPG: the face of the very first Final Fantasy-related mash-up himself, Sora. Fortunately for you Kingdom Hearts fans out there, Sora will be making an appearance later this winter as a free DLC Champion summon. The only catch is that he will only be available for a limited time.

The DLC is being released in celebration of the launch of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and will feature Sora in his Dream Drop Distance visage, albeit in the lilikin form that World of Final Fantasy is known for. There are no details yet on when it will be available or how limited this offer will be, but considering this DLC will be completely free, there is not much reason anyone with the game should pass it up.

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Source: DualShockers

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