Fire Emblem Warriors launches next week in Japan, so it's no surprise that the last members of the roster have been getting their reveals this week at Tokyo Game Show. We saw a leak early last week that looked to reveal the final five additions to the roster, and after Lyn, Celica, and (seemingly) Anna were confirmed, we've been waiting for the final two to officially join the fight. That wait is now over; at long last, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light's Caeda and Tiki have been officially confirmed for Fire Emblem Warriors.

Caeda is a lance-wielding Pegasus Knight, while Tiki is a young Manakete—a special class of unit that can transform into a dragon, and yes, you will indeed be able to change into her draconic form to absolutely wreck opponents. Both originate from the very first Fire Emblem title, where they fought alongside Marth for the future of his kingdom, and now they'll join the Hero King again here.

You can see both Caeda and Tiki in action in the footage provided above! Koei Tecmo has also updated their Tokyo Game Show trailer to add a few seconds of footage of these new characters; you can check that out here if you're interested. Update: And here's an English version of that trailer.

With this, we finally have the last confirmations we need to say that that leak was the real deal. That doesn't mean every question has been answered, of course; alongside Caeda, gamers spotted a character whom they believe to be Navarre in last week's Direct trailer, and we still have no word on what he'd be doing in the game. Could he be an NPC? A DLC character? Or is the roster of the base game even bigger than the leak led us to believe? Let us know your thoughts on all this in the comments below!