The Dynasty Warriors series has been around for a long time now, and the basic gameplay formula has remained pretty constant. With any long-running series, there's a risk that it will become stale and feel repetitive, and this is an especially big threat for Dynasty Warriors. However, that doesn't mean that developer Koei Tecmo is going to let the series die. Instead, they look for ways to freshen it up. Mixing it with other franchises is one method they use to give it "a second wind" and attract new players, and Hyrule Warriors in particular has helped in that effort.

"Over the years we’ve seen a sales decline. The Dynasty Warriors series is targeted towards the core fans. But we’ve had a few collaborations recently that have given the franchise a second wind because they’ve brought in new fans that hadn’t given Dynasty Warriors a chance. So Hyrule Warriors gave the series some freshness. Now our task is to keep the new players happy now that they’ve had a chance to play. But overall with the franchise, we need to keep it fresh, both the Dynasty Warriors and the Samurai Warriors brands." — Akihiro Suzuki

Now that new fans have been introduced to the Warriors formula with Hyrule Warriors, producer Akihiro Suzuki aims to keep them interested, which explains why Dynasty Warriors 9 is said to revamp the game system. If you weren't a Dynasty Warriors fan before, did Hyrule Warriors pique your interest in the series?

Source: MCVUK

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