Now, I know what you're thinking. Konami doesn't make games anymore! I was surprised too, but apparently there's still some branch of Konami that actually develops video games that aren't for phones or pachinko machines. It's a revolutionary concept, but it just might work! Okay, but all joking aside, the company that owns Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Castlevania, and more is prepared to make a splash at E3.

This info comes via Konami's page on the official E3 website. Konami is listing over half a dozen total games for E3, and most of them are coming to consoles in addition to mobile. This includes an Action/Adventure title, "Casual Games" (why plural?), and a Children's/Family Entertainment game that are all planned for most major platforms, as well as VR. There's also "Compilations" coming to all major platforms (but not VR), and Digital Downloads/Gaming on Demand coming to most major platforms as well. They also appear to be bringing at least two mobile-exclusive titles to the show.

Konami has lost a massive amount of good will with its fans over the years. Can E3 2018 be the start of a turnaround, or just more disappointment?

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