Kung Fury, the 2015 Kickstarter-funded flick by David Sandberg, paid homage to a number of martial arts and buddy cop action movie tropes from the '80s. It was only appropriate that a tribute to early arcade beat-em-ups had to be made in its name!

During the pre-show for The Game Awards 2015, Kung Fury: Street Rage - The Arcade Strikes Back — an upgraded version of the original Kung Fury: Street Rage — was formally revealed as a World Premiere for the event. Complete with kung fu, dinosaurs, and lasers, players take to the streets as Kung Fury, Hackerman, Triceracop, and Barbarianna, with their original actors reprising their roles. Check out the trailer above!

The game is available right now on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Source: The Game Awards