When Pokémon made its debut over 20 years ago, one of the most unsettling areas in the game was Lavender Town. Eerie music, a graveyard, ghost Pokémon, and possessed trainers all combined to make it a memorably creepy location. Now that Kanto is getting an HD remake in the Pokémon: Let's Go games on Switch, Game Freak had to redesign the town for a new audience. And it sounds like we're in for a treat.

In a recent interview with GameSpot, Pokémon producer Junichi Masuda and artist Kensaku Nabana fielded a variety of questions about changes in the upcoming remakes of Yellow. When the interviewer brought up the topic of Lavender Town and its impact in the original, Nabana revealed that some extra effort was put into capturing that atmosphere once again.

GameSpot: It definitely leaves a strong impression, seeing how different some very famous scenes from the old game are in Let's Go, such as the first time you come to the S.S. Anne and see how much more majestic it looks. For some areas like Lavender Town, which was very creepy in the original games, how did you go about expressing that in Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee?

Nabana: Lavender Town is definitely one that I don't want to talk too much about and have you discover for yourself, but I definitely have the same impression as you. It's kind of this creepy, unsettling place. So, I initially approached it with that in mind and designed it to make it look like it would give that impression. But that wasn't enough for Mr. Masuda. He was like, "You've got to make it feel even creepier." He gave me a lot of specific directions to do that. So, I think it will be fun to see what it looks like.

Nabana and Masuda stopped short of giving any specific details, but it sounds like Lavender Town is still focused on creeping players out, and that's exactly how it should be. Hopefully, it lives up to its spooky billing.

Source: GameSpot