Some people may have been worried at first, but it looks like Mario Party: The Top 100 is going to be more fleshed out than they originally thought. We know more of what to expect thanks to a new trailer detailing some of the game modes and Amiibo functionality. The game has more than just minigames, but the pack of 100 certainly seems to be the highlight: the glue that will likely hold this package together for some Nintendo 3DS gamers.

Small boards will be playable among the various minigames from throughout the series' home console history. A minigame decathlon and other game modes are playable via download play with friends.

Amiibo functionality comes into play too with the Super Mario series of NFC figures. They can earn the player extra coins, lives, or special minigame packs. It looks like the Goomba and Koopa Troopa Amiibo will be especially good figures to have around when playing this portable Mario Party, as they can provide you with extra large bonuses in certain situations.

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