It's a good time to be a fan of Spider-Man. The popular Marvel superhero just got a new theatrical film that was received incredibly well, and next year he'll be starring in a PlayStation 4 exclusive title made by Insomniac Games. We saw an extended look at some gameplay during E3, but a ton of new details have come straight from Insomniac this week.

Since the initial reveal, Marvel's Spider-Man has focused on the combat and stealth the game has to offer. This focus caused many fans to be worried the game wouldn't feature an open world to play around in. Fortunately, Insomniac's Bryan Intihar has quelled those fears, confirming the game does have an open world, but they've decided not to make it the main focus of their marketing.

"I think just in terms of our rollout we want to focus on different things. Trust me, we'll be talking about open world. There's no weird conspiracy or anything like that."
"I will tell you that, if you think of a character like Spider-Man, who lends himself really well to swinging through a city, we'd be doing the character a disservice if we weren't encouraging gameplay like that. Swinging around the city is very important and a very key part of the experience." — Bryan Intihar

He also discussed Peter Parker's role in this game, saying this version of the character has already been Spider-Man for eight years. This choice was made so the player wouldn't feel bored with Spider-Man learning to control his powers for the first time. Intihar explained, "the first time you're swinging, the first time you're fighting, you need to feel like Spider-Man."

Players will also control Mary Jane Watson at certain points in the game. However, you should probably throw your expectation for this character aside. "Her role in this universe is probably a little bit different to what people have expected before," said Intihar.

If you want more details on the game's story, check out the trailer above! What do you think of Marvel's Spider-Man? Are you excited for this new incarnation of the hero? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: IGN