As we heard several months back, Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of the legendary Super Smash Bros. franchise, has been suffering from repetitive strain injury. Sakurai said that he was still committed to working on Smash Bros. and lots of fans sent their sympathies. In the midst of E3 2013 and the reveal of the two great-looking Super Smash Bros. titles for Wii U and 3DS however, many may have forgotten about Sakurai's unfortunate injury. In an interview with Kotaku, Sakurai was asked about whether or not he was still experiencing his shoulder pains, and he responded with this sad statement:

"The reality, and very unfortunate reality of the situation is that it's still a considerable problem. I'm in a lot of pain. I'm in a position where I can't use the mouse at this point, so I'm using the trackball, and as the creative director behind an action game, that's a real critical issue, unfortunately. But still, all things being said, I'm still 100% committed to the creation of Smash Bros." — Masahiro Sakurai

As much as I care about Sakurai's influence in the new Smash Bros. titles, and as much as I think his testing of the game may be one of the major reasons it's so good, I can't help but feel pretty bad that this game is causing its creator so much physical pain. Here's to hoping Sakurai gets the chance to take a break some time soon.

Source: Kotaku

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