Millions of fans are eagerly awaiting Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! this November, but others are looking even further ahead. Series producer Junichi Masuda has already confirmed that a "core RPG" is in the works for 2019. Virtually no details were given at the time of the initial tease, but Masuda has since dropped a few comments on the game to Famitsu.

We don't yet have the full transcript of the Famitsu conversation, but a few interesting Masuda lines have been translated. According to Masuda, Game Freak is "working with the idea that everyone will be playing on their own Switch" when the 2019 game launches, so they're designing it to have "the same kind of feeling as the previous games on handheld systems."

Many fans have been wondering how transferring Pokémon will work in the Let's Go games. Will you be able to transfer your Go and Let's Go monsters to other existing games or to the 2019 games? We don't have all the answers yet, but Masuda indicated that he wants players to be able to do so.

"There have been times where you couldn't bring Pokemon over from previous titles – I imagine that created some bad memories. I want to try and change that, if I can." — Junichi Masuda

That's all the new info we have so far, but we'll keep you posted if and when more relevant quotes are translated. We're still about a year and a half away from the "core" games, so details will be scarce for now. Once 2019 rolls around we'll likely see more regular updates.

Source: Ryokutya2089 (via Nintendo Everything)