The Halo franchise has grown a lot since Bungie first introduced the space epic back in 2001. It now spans across a five billion dollar empire with games, books, movies and more. One of its more simplistic ventures has been through toy lines. Consumer products like these toys actually make up over 1.5 billion dollars of the above figure. So they're a huge deal. The next line in this series of toys will be coming courtesy of Mattel, who will be showing off the figures this weekend at the New York Toy Fair that are slated for release this fall.

This new line of toys stems from a recent deal between 343 Industries and Mattel. The two companies signed a master licensing agreement, meaning they will now work exclusively hand in hand in creation of all future Halo toys and figures. This won't be Mattel's first reign over a Halo-related project, as the legendary toy company has been making Halo MEGA Bloks for a few years now.

You can find a list of the upcoming toys here.

Have you purchased any Halo toys or collectibles in the past? Are there any in the new lineup that caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Xbox Wire

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