Hideo Kojima's upcoming Metal Gear Solid V is lining up to introduce several new gameplay concepts for the series, not the least of which being a large open world. In an interview with Jeux Video Magazine, Kojima described his interest in next-gen ideas, like second screen connectivity and using the cloud to create persistent worlds. He also announced a feature wholly unique to the story-driven series; players will make narrative-altering choices throughout the story of MGSV, including whether certain characters live or die.

Metal Gear Solid V's plot, like its game world, will be open to the player. Missions will be episodic, and the player will largely be able to tackle them any way he or she wants. Making this more complex, however, is that the narrative is also designed to adapt around the player's choices. In some instances, these choices may center around the life or death of a character, which would deeply change the story of a player's game. Whatever changes may come up through this open play style, Kojima and his team are making sure none of them accidentally create a time paradox in the overarching plot for the series.

Big changes are coming to Metal Gear Solid as we know it. What do you want to see in the next chapter of Kojima's flagship series?