While the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One may have only been around for two or so years, we are already getting predictions for when the next batch of consoles will be released. Specifically, gaming analyst Michael Pachter has predicted that the next round of consoles could be released in 2019, but he is almost positive of a release by 2020. It makes perfect sense, considering that the last gap between the PlayStation 3 and PS4 was seven years.

Of course, if you are an analyst, you can't be caught with a definite answer, because it would be humiliating if you were wrong. Check out the quote from Pachter himself below:

"I would be surprised if we had a next-gen console in 2018; we might have one in 2019, so I think 6 years is likely. We will have one by 2020, so I think seven years is a lock. So, lasting as long, probably not, but lasting longer than five years, probably so." — Michael Pachter

So in a sentence, five years at least, six years is likely, and seven is for sure. But don't forget that Pachter does not think that these next consoles will sell well at all; in fact, he predicted that the eighth console generation would be the last major generation before people see no reason to upgrade and give in to the rise of our PC and mobile overlords.

Do you agree with Pachter on this, or do you think that the console industry will surprise us once again? Let us know in the comments!

Source: SegmentNext