Gamescom is coming up in a few weeks, and Microsoft is set to make a splash at the European games show. Major Nelson, Xbox Live's Director of Programming, recently wrote a blog post to give fans an idea of what they can expect from their Gamescom livestream. The most interesting detail in the blog was the promise that "all-new Xbox hardware" would be shown.

Unfortunately, this seems to have been a bad choice of words. That line has since been edited out, replaced instead with "new Xbox One bundles." I'm not really sure how the phrase "all-new hardware" could apply to packaging the same hardware with new software. Perhaps this means there will special edition versions of the existing hardware, like an Xbox themed after Halo, but this is unclear.

If you were expecting a real all-new hardware announcement, you'll likely have to wait quite a while. Microsoft is currently developing new hardware, but they don't expect to launch it until 2020. Given that Sony is targeting a 2021 release for their next console, it's unlikely Microsoft would show their hand this early. Why give your competitor the ability to plan their retaliation years in advance?

Source: Major Nelson

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