Everyone by now is at least remotely familiar with the indie phenomenon Minecraft. Though Minecraft is available on PCs and mobile devices, the only home console the game has been available on has been Xbox 360 for quite some time. This is due to an exclusivity deal developer Mojang has with Microsoft, but as revealed in a recent interview, that all could change sometime soon. Jens Bergensten, lead designer of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, had this to say:

Microsoft has an exclusivity deal for consoles. When it runs out we’ll consider Minecraft for PlayStation, but Wii U is very unlikely.

Though the language here doesn't imply that this contract will end any time soon, the fact that they're discussing the contract's end is certainly telling. This quote, however, got me wondering exactly which console Bergensten was referring to as "PlayStation" and why the Wii U is such an unlikely candidate. After asking Bergensten for clarification on these two issues, he swiftly offered this response:

The reason I said that is that the Wii U hasn't even been mentioned when we're talking about Minecraft platforms. However, I'm only responsible for the PC and Pocket editions, so the question wasn't mine to answer. The Wii U is no more likely than any other platforms, but no less either.

If the Wii U has not been mentioned in any of their meetings, I would expect they are a little more wary of bringing Minecraft to the system, even though no game is more perfect for the accessibility granted by the Wii U GamePad. Still, this does not mean that Nintendo fans will be left out in the cold, as "Wii U is no more likely than any other platforms, but no less either." While Bergensten did not offer a response to the question of PlayStation 3 versus PlayStation 4, I would personally be surprised to see the game on one platform and not the other.

Are you excited for Minecraft to make it to other home consoles, or are you perfectly happy with its Xbox release? Which console would you most hope to see the legendary indie title make its way to next?