Monster Hunter fans were in for a treat during E3, when Capcom revealed the next entry in the franchise, Monster Hunter: World, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. During their Tokyo Game Show pre-show conference last night, Sony finally provided us with a solid release date for this new title; when they said the game would launch in "early 2018" at E3, they were not joking, as we won't even be a month into the new year before we can play this HD adventure, at least on consoles.

Monster Hunter: World will launch in the west on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26, 2018, with the PC date coming later and still being a mystery. When it does launch, it will come with a number of preorder bonuses and special editions, including one that comes with a PS4 Pro (at least in Japan).

Preorders will grant players access to the Origin Set armor and an item called the Fair Wind Charm; digital PS4 preorders will also provide you access to a PS4 theme. Meanwhile, three special editions were announced. The digital deluxe edition will grant a Samurai armor quote, along with a series of gestures, hairstyle, facepaint, and in-game sticker sets. The physical collector's edition will contain all of the deluxe edition's content, but it will also hold a download for the soundtrack, an artbook, and a figurine of the game box art monster, the Nergigante.

Of course, the big boy in this is the PS4 Pro special edition, which has a gorgeous, themed console and controller. Unfortunately this has only been announced for Japan thus far, but you can still check it and all this other content out in the gallery below.

Are you excited for Monster Hunter: World? Will you be picking it up when it launches in January, and will you be trying to grab any of the special editions? Let us know in the comments!

Source: IGN