Not excited for yet another port in Need for Speed: Most Wanted? Maybe we should be, especially if you are a fan of the series and own a Wii U. Why? For starters, the developers stated in the above video that the Wii U is a very powerful piece of hardware, however, this time you don't just have to take their word for it. From their own mouth, the graphic assets are from the High End PC version of the game. Graphical comparisons between that version and the rest obviously look the same, but there are areas where you can see the PC clearly comes ahead.

The Wii U matches that, then provides a lot of stuff you just can't get anywhere else. Sure, you have off-TV play, but you also have father-son mode (watch the video to see that). The game has also been more polished then ever before. It's stated rather plainly above this is the definitive version. For the first time, we will finally be able to see how the Wii U not only provides just a superior way and more options to play a game, but also how it's superior graphically to gen 7 on a base level. Apparently, looking at the Wii U from just a pure spec side of things is not the best way to approach development.

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