Console-exclusive games and franchises can be selling points for video game consoles. Some people will continue purchasing Xbox consoles to play Halo, others will stick with Sony to play God of War, and the die-hard Nintendo fans will continue buying consoles to play their beloved Super Mario or The Legend of Zelda games. It is only natural to have console-exclusive games in such a competitive market, and it looks like Microsoft is going to be adding another winner to their side of the ring in the next generation.

According to a source close to Respawn Entertainment, the company that was created by the former team at Infinity Ward (the team that made Call of Duty into what it is today) after they left, their brand-new, futuristic, multiplayer, online shooter game will be an Xbox-only title (next-gen Xbox and 360). This game will focus primarily on multiplayer game play between heavily-armored foot soldiers and giant exoskeletons, called Titans. These Titans are big, but agile, mech-style walkers which the soldiers can pilot and use to gain advantages.

In order to balance game play between the Titans and the foot soldiers, there will be a limit of the number of Titans that can be used in a battle, based on game maps. Also, the weapons available to the foot soldiers will allow them to take out Titans if need be, again balancing game play. Players will pick between two massive factions and all of their experience points earned through playing will go towards the progression of their faction. The sources were unclear about whether or not there would be a single-player campaign in the game, implying that the only single-player option would be through solo play against bots on the multiplayer maps, which could be unsettling to those who fell in love with Call of Duty's storytelling campaigns.

This game, according to sources, is also always-online, thus adding a new twist to the battle between Microsoft and Sony and to the debate over always-online gaming. An interesting note is that the game will be published by EA due to the leaders of Respawn having had a dismal past with Activision, the studio now in charge of Call of Duty. The game is said to be being developed on a modified version of Valve's Source engine, not on internal EA frameworks, thus causing it to be slightly lower than the up-and-coming Battlefield 4 in terms of graphical quality, but game play should be more than enough to make up for any slight shortcomings.

This certainly is interesting news. I am personally excited to see what Respawn has to offer, especially due to the phenomenal success of the Call of Duty franchise. If this game picks up enough steam and Microsoft markets it correctly, it could be an early console seller for the company. 

What do you think? Excited for this new game, the new Xbox, both, or neither? Confident that the ex-Infinity Ward leaders will produce a top quality game? Have an opinion about any other third question? Thoughts, feelings, and opinions belong in the comments below!

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