Over the past two years, over 800 million people have joined in on the cultural phenomenon that is Pokémon GO. People of all ages and backgrounds have been happily capturing Pokémon in real-world locations thanks to the combination of GPS and augmented reality. Unfortunately, not everyone plays by the rules, and cheaters have been able to give themselves advantages by playing outside of the rules.

Developer Niantic is well aware of these problems, and they're fighting back. In response to the rise of cheaters, they've announced a three strike policy. Niantic defines cheating as behaviors that violate the Pokémon GO Terms of Service and Trainer Guidelines, such as falsifying location (GPS location spoofing) and accessing Pokémon GO clients or backends in an unauthorized manner, including through the use of third-party software or add-ons.

First-time offenders will be disciplined for seven days. This may include being blocked from encountering rare Pokémon and being excluded from acquiring new EX Raid Passes. Second-time offenders will have their account completely suspended for 30 days. If anyone is bold enough to try it a third time, they'll be banned permanently. Those who believe they have been banned in error may appeal, but Niantic notes that very few appeals are ever overturned.

Source: Niantic

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