When Infinite Fall's Night in the Woods hit Kickstarter back in October, it took off, fast. By the end of its first 26 hours, the project had already reached its funding goal of $50,000, and by the time its funding period ended in November it had more than quadrupled that goal, maxing out its Kickstarter backer funds at $209,375. Needless to say, something about the charm and character of this quirky little 2D adventure, Night in the Woods, resonated with a lot people.

The game's obviously not out yet, but now the team behind the project's gone and done something that I think is really cool, releasing a supplement to their game, "Longest Night," free for anyone to play. It's not a demo or something like that; it's a short, standalone piece of content that's "not a sneak peak at the full game, or even part of it" and is of "questionable canon" but brings some of that charm that originally resonated with so many back during the campaign.

Essentially, Night in the Woods' main protagonist, Mae, sits around the fire with some of her friends, having a well-written conversation and star-gazing. You easily drag-to-connect the dots in constellations and then the characters converse about them, their dialogue doing a pretty good job at conveying character. Plus the music and sound effects are wonderful, just as they were in the original trailer.

The character dialogue is just fun to read, so I recommend you give the Night in the Woods supplement, "Longest Night," a shot. Scroll just a tad on the game's website and you'll see it immediately.

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