In an interview with TIME, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata explained that the announcement of NX, "a dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept" being developed by Nintendo, would not have come so soon if not for the company's reveal of their plans to develop mobile software. He clarified this by reiterating that he plans to remain tight-lipped on the next-generation platform.

"The reason why I announced 'NX,' which by the way, is not directly related to our alliance with DeNA, was because I wanted to avoid any misunderstandings such as, 'Nintendo might have lost its passion for the dedicated game system business,' and because I wanted many people to understand that Nintendo will continue its dedicated game system business with even stronger passion and motivation. I am sorry, but as I said during the press conference yesterday, we cannot make any further announcements about 'NX' until next year." — Satoru Iwata

Interestingly, when TIME questioned Iwata on whether or not NX is new hardware, Iwata declined to specify.

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Source: TIME

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