When Mario Party: The Top 100 was announced at the recent Nintendo Direct, Nintendo made no mention of boards in the title, seeming to frame it as a simple minigame collection. As such, speculation started to brew as to whether or not this Nintendo 3DS minigames compilation of the Mario Party series would include boards at all. According to the official website for the game, however, fans shouldn't be worried.

While some fans assumed boards would not be returning to Mario Party: The Top 100, others discovered the true nature of the 3DS title on the current website for the game. It sounds like the usual partying and teasing will be able to commence through download play after all.

"Speed things up with simple minigame instructions and a Favorites options for quick selection. You can even set the number of turns for board-game play!" — Mario Party: The Top 100 website

This seems to confirm that board-game play will be an option in this new Mario Party, as well as just selecting minigames on their own. So far no specific boards have been revealed, but old favorites can probably be expected due to the nature of this upcoming title.

Which boards from Mario Party games past would you like to see return? Are you bothered that this celebration is not coming to the Nintendo Switch for couch multiplayer goodness instead of the 3DS's download play like I am? Let us know what you are thinking about this new Mario Party in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo

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