Intelligent Systems' Fire Emblem franchise made the jump to mobile earlier this year, with Fire Emblem Heroes allowing fans to collect and battle heroes from across the entire series in a single game. The game's success thus far has had some wondering if another of the developer's games could also come to mobile devices: the long dormant strategy series Advance Wars. While it doesn't sound like that is currently planned, a recent interview with Intelligent Systems and Nintendo has given some hope to the idea being considered in the future.

TouchArcade hosted an interview with Kouhei Maeda from Intelligent Systems and Shingo Matsushita from Nintendo of Japan. While it was mainly focused on Fire Emblem Heroes and that game's success, the interviewer had to take the opportunity to ask about Advance Wars.

TouchArcade: Since I've got someone from Nintendo and someone from Intelligent Systems here, I have to ask. With Fire Emblem's success on mobile, is there any chance at all of seeing a mobile Advance Wars game in a similar style?

Shingo Matsushita: It's not a zero percent chance, but we would need to think about what would be the right idea and the right concept for bringing Advance Wars to mobile. Of course, that's stuff that we really have to think on. It would really give us a lot of encouragement and energy if we heard from the fans that they want it. So please keep asking for it and tell us what you'd like to see!

Advance Wars hasn't gotten a new title since the days of the Nintendo DS, with 2008's Days of Ruin serving as the latest entry. While I'm sure many fans of the franchise would prefer the series to return via 3DS or the Nintendo Switch, you can't discount the potential good that a mobile title could create. Depending on how a mobile Advance Wars did, I could very easily see it drumming up the interest and demand necessary for Nintendo to sign off on a major sequel for their own platforms. Of course, that "not a zero percent chance" comment doesn't make even this sound all that likely, but I say that just means we fans need to be all the louder!

Do you think the series could see a revival on mobile devices? How do you think the team would translate the series' gameplay to mobile devices—would it follow Heroes' example and stay close to its original turn-based style, or do you think it would need something different for mobile? Give us all your thoughts in the comments, and make sure to let Nintendo know if you want Advance Wars to return!

Source: TouchArcade