Nintendo recently announced the SNES Classic Edition, a miniature replica of the Super Nintendo loaded with 21 of the console's most famous games. The system includes signature hits of the 16-bit era, like Final Fantasy III, Super Metroid, Zelda: A Link to the Past, and more, even going so far as to include the never-before-released Star Fox 2.

The game lineup has been a significant topic of discussion since the system's announcement, considering notable omissions like Chrono Trigger and Donkey Kong Country 2, as well as game selections that differ between the system's Japanese and Western versions. Speaking to Famitsu, Nintendo explained how they chose the games they did for each region.

There are three factors Nintendo laid out: a game's popularity, the number of units a game sold, and "whether people were familiar with it." Nintendo continues, "We carefully hand picked each title to ensure the game lineup appealed to a large audience, so it makes the SNES Classic an easy purchase."

Famitsu went on to ask about Star Fox, Star Fox 2, and Yoshi's Island, three SNES games which have never before been redistributed on Nintendo's Virtual Console services. Because these games were built with a special processor called the "Super FX Chip," Nintendo explains that it was difficult to bring them to Virtual Console. They were able to circumvent this limitation with the SNES Classic Edition, however, and thus we can finally see their return.

Whereas 2016's NES Classic Edition was infamously understocked and quickly discontinued, Nintendo plans to manufacture "significantly more" units this time around. Though there is a catch: the SNES Classic Edition will only be shipped for a few months, between the end of September and December 2017. Nintendo tells IGN that their primary commitments are to Nintendo Switch and 3DS owners, and the SNES Classic Edition is made in "special recognition" of their retro gaming fans.

The SNES Classic Edition launches on September 29th for an MSRP of $79.99.

Source: Famitsu (via NintendoSoup)

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