Many fans were blown away by Link's new look in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but still, when the game was later revealed to have changeable equipment, many were wondering if Link's classic getup would make a return. In the past Nintendo has hinted at it being obtainable, but it's no longer his default getup, apparently due to one specific flaw. Warning: If you don't want possible spoilers for Breath of the Wild's clothing options, you may not want to read this article, as some of the gear is discussed.

If you've played Breath of the Wild, you'll notice that Link can almost never find a hat that's similar in style to his old outfit. Satoru Takizawa, the Art Director for the game, had a chance to talk about why Link's green hat is absent from the game, and his reasoning was very simple: it's just too difficult to make it look cool anymore.

"As the graphic fidelity has increased it becomes more difficult to make that hat look cool. As the game becomes more realistic it's difficult to present it in a way that's appealing. If you look at Twilight Princess, I really made the hat long, so it would flap in the wind and move around. But because of that people were like 'What's he got? What's in that hat?'" — Satoru Takizawa

It's interesting that Nintendo would drop such a classic look for something as simple as how stylish it looked. However, I personally do like Link's new look a lot more, and I hope the team continues to experiment with different designs as the series goes forward. Either way, though, if you really miss the green hat and tunic, they are still obtainable if you beat all 120 shrines in the game.

What do you guys think? Should they have stuck to the classic look? Do you like the new style? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Polygon