If you're a game designer and you've dreamed of working with Nintendo, there's never been a better time. Nintendo has just launched a new developer website that makes it easier than ever to learn about how you can become a licensed Nintendo developer. This Nintendo Developer Portal has detailed information for enrolling as a game developer, tool developer, or publisher, as well as an application process.

The timing of this website's launching is interesting for two reasons. Firstly, just earlier today we heard a report from The Wall Street Journal stating that Nintendo is sending out NX dev kits, making this the perfect time to make it easier for new developers to hop on board. Secondly, Nintendo recently joined the Khronos Group, which is a coalition that works towards making development easier for third-party developers. The website also makes several references to the "Nintendo Dev Interface Client," which is apparently a new client that makes development on Nintendo platforms much easier. You can check out the Nintendo Developer Portal by clicking here.

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