The Kirby franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and in recognition of that, a few months ago Nintendo revealed that two new Kirby titles were in development, one for 3DS and one for Switch. During today's Direct, the company finally provided more details and footage for both of these games, including their titles: Kirby: Battle Royale for the handheld system and Kirby Star Allies for the home-handheld hybrid.

Kirby: Battle Royale looks to be focused on multiplayer action, as the reveal trailer mainly showed off different competitive minigames for players to take part in. Battle Arena sees your Kirby take on several others in a fight to see which adorable puffball can be the last one standing; Ore Express mode see the Kirbys gathering ore to store on a passing train, with the goal apparently being to be the one that can gather—and safely deliver—the most rocks to the train cars. There will also be Regional Online Battles to see who is the best in your area.

In each of these modes and more, it looks like you'll be using your abilities to gain an advantage over your opponents and prove that you are the #1 Kirby of them all. Fortunately, for those who prefer a single-player experience, that was also confirmed to exist in this game, though no details were shared about it. Kirby: Battle Royale is launching on January 19, 2018.

We had to wait a bit, but eventually the Switch title Kirby Star Allies also had its time in the spotlight. Nintendo had already shown off the ability to recruit enemies to serve as allies before, but the Direct gave us many more examples of this and of how Kirby can team up with his partners to create and unleash devastating combo attacks. From using Kirby's psychic abilities to drop a Stone ally on enemies to imbuing Kirby's sword with the power of ice to transforming a bomb into a hot air balloon, it looks like there are all sorts of potential combinations for players to explore and master!

Also, there is a buff King Dedede. I'm still struggling to decide whether I consider him to be adorable or nightmare fuel. You'll have to check out the footage below and decide for yourself, or you can just wait for Star Allies to launch sometime next spring.

What do you think of all the Kirby content coming our way? Which game are you more excited for? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Direct