It's been nearly two years since Nintendo debuted the NES Classic Edition, a plug and play console loaded up with 30 classic Nintendo games. This delightful little stocking stuffer remained almost constantly sold out after launch, prompting Nintendo to follow it up with the SNES Classic Edition, which was similarly successful.

The two mini consoles have continued their popularity into 2018, with the former even topping June's hardware charts, and now they've collectively hit a major milestone. According to Nintendo's latest presentation to shareholders, the Classic lineup of mini consoles has now combined for over 10 million units sold.

The last official count (through March 30th) placed total sales of the two mini consoles at around 7.58 million, so it looks like Nintendo has moved roughly 2.5 million more units over the past two quarters. Nintendo expects those strong numbers to continue, and even improve, throughout the holiday season.

Source: Nintendo

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